Data Center Solutions

Reliable Data center is the most critical aspect for businesses and organizations to ensure uninterrupted access to data and services. By implementing robust infrastructure, redundancy, and comprehensive maintenance practices, data centers can minimize the risk of downtime and maintain a high level of resilience.


  • Available in OS2, OM3, OM4
  • CAT6A and CAT8 Pre-terminated Copper Cables
  • HD Fiber Closure Models: 1U (144 cores), 2U (288 cores), 4U (576 cores)
  • Light Weight Design (Aluminum) for Fiber Closures
  • Easy Plug and Play MTP/MPO Fiber Cassettes
  • Rivet buckle lockable design avoid sliding
  • Factory Terminated and Tested Trunk Cables (8 core- 144 core)
  • Polarity: Type A, Type B and Type C
  • 0.35 dB Low loss connector

Data Centers Raceways
  • Manufactured from Halogen Free materials
  • Flame Retardant UL94V-0
  • Heavy Duty & Sturdy Material
  • Designed for Faster Deployment, High Flexibility and easy maintenance
  • Electro zinc (EZ) for Indoor Use, Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG) for outdoor Use
  • Excellent ventilation & Reduced dust retention
KVM Switch

  • Choose Right KVM Switch. Efficient KVM switch in your data centers, server rooms, and offices where multiple computers or servers reduces clutter and save desk space. Your Partner KVM Switch will support Resourceful software testing, system administration, audio support and accessing multiple computers from a single workstation

  • Stand alone support structure, Sliding door, blanking panels and roof panels will maximize utilization on retrofit in both Hot and Cold Aisle Containment.
  • Rapid Deployment made easier on Slab based or Raised floor Data center deployment.
  • Enhanced Reliability and protection.
  • Hotspot Negation and efficient heat management to save space in new build or retrofit.
  • Optimized Air flow distribution by preventing of hot air and cold air.
  • Improved Thermal performance of the cooling units by raising supply air set point temperature and higher return air temperature.